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Sarah Boland

Founder & CEO 

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The Famtography Methodology

S.N.A.P. Moments

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Our Methodology
Our method for capturing candid moments comes down to recognizing a S.N.A.P. moment when you see it: Smile, Noise, Activity & Physical Touch.

"S" in S.N.A.P. is for SMILE
Smiling, laughing & having FUN!

"N" in S.N.A.P. is for NOISE
Singing, reading a book, conversations, laughing, splashing, etc.

"A" in S.N.A.P. is for ACTIVITY
Out for a walk, feeding time, bath time, at the park, at the aquarium, etc.

"P" in S.N.A.P. is for PHYSICAL TOUCH
Snuggles, holding hands, a hug, etc.







Physical Touch

Setting you up for Success: Remembering to take the photo

In this article we show you how to set-up reminders on your phone so you don't forget to take your weekly prompt, even after we text you.

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