Famtography Tip #20: Editing Photos

Simple steps for that professional polish.

You’ve captured ~ the moment ~. Now it’s time to polish up that raw image. On day 1, I sent you Lightroom presets that you should have installed. If you don't have them installed, please check this page to learn how. I love using Lightroom to add the filters.....BUT, with that said, if you want to make quick adjustments without a filter (i.e. cropping, exposure, white balance, etc) you can use your device's native editing features.

I’m going to show you how to use the iPhone built-in editor and we’ll dive into Lightroom later on. 

Learn how to do this on iPhone in the video below. For Android users, you can access these same editing tools by opening your photo and clicking "
Edit" then "Adjust". They work the same way as explained in the video :)