Tip #1: Candids 101

Don't let a good thing get away!

Okay, so how many times have you tried taking a candid photo only to have the subject become SUPER awkward and posey instead of natural and genuine? Or you try to be quick about it, but the moment is gone before you're ready? If you're like most people, your answer is something like "basically every time!". 

Well, I'm here to end your struggles and help you ace the candid game with a few tricks of the trade. Check out the two rules of thumb and video for candid mastery below.

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1. Avoid the cheese πŸ§€πŸš«

The key to taking candid photos is not interrupting the moment when you see it.

Whatever you do, do NOT tell your partner to look at the camera and β€œsmile”. Please tell your partner that if they notice you taking your phone out to take a picture, there is no need to stop whatever they’re doing to look at the camera and smile, simply tell them to pretend you aren’t there.

2. The problem with papparazzi πŸ“ΈπŸ˜±

If you're attempting to take a candid photo of someone while pointing a huge camera and flashing lights, I can almost guarantee it will cause them to feel awkward, shy, or stop what they're doing. Lucky for you, this isn't a DSLR flash photography course, and I'm also not requesting you wear camouflage and go National Geographic on me!

Since we're shooting with our phones, we already have an advantage since it's smaller and more discrete than a large DLSR with a zoom lens. But there is one minor setting on your phone that when left on, will ruin your efforts to capture undercover: the shutter sound. Hearing that camera go off 4 times in a row is one way to bring your subject completely out of whatever activity it is they're doing.

On the side of your iPhone, switch the volume to off while trying to capture photos discretely. The camera does not make a noise when you are capturing in live mode, but if you're aiming to take the picture in portrait mode or without live mode on (which I discourage you from doing), turn the volume off completely to stay silent as a ninja!  
Tip #1: Candids 101

Don't let a good thing get away!

And now that you're up to speed with how to capture candids without disturbing the moment, watch the video below to learn how to get great candids of special moments before they disappear.