Tip #15: Family Portraits

Zero cost. At home. Easy.

Download Lensbuddy on iOS or Self Timer App on Android to take a family portrait that isn’t a selfie. I’m not saying this because I am also the founder of Life Lapse, but it is extremely useful if you don’t have a Bluetooth remote and will save you from running back and forth to your camera. 

The main reason it works better than using the timer inside the native iPhone camera is because it has a built-in interval timer and will take photos every 3 seconds (or you can custom set how long you want between photos). With the iPhone camera timer, it will only take one photo.…. and what do we say about taking 1 photo? NO. No to 1 photo. 4 at minimumAll of these photos were taken over the span of only 4.5 minutes using Life Lapse.

Watch the video below to see how you can set up a photoshoot of your family: