Tip #29: Long Exposure, Boomerang, Loop & Videos from Photos

The "You took that with your phone?!" effect.

There are plenty of examples of motion in a photo that seem impossible to replicate with just a mobile phone. Think silky running water, streaks of light on a busy highway at night, etc. What if I told you this WAS possible with the phone in your pocket? 
You can turn any live photo into:
1. A long exposure Image
2. Bounce (aka a video boomerang!) 
3. Loop (cinemagraph vibe)

Long exposure is now built-in to modern mobile phones, but it can be tricky to use it to its potential if you're unfamiliar with photography. Follow our tutorial to get yourself up to speed and taking long exposures, boomerangs & looping videos:

Android Users: Unfortunately Android has not introduced these editing capabilies in Android yet, however, you can save a "Top Shot/ Motion Still" as a video clip. Click on the video > Share > Share as Video