Tip #46: Photobooks, Prints & More

Bring all the memories home.

Don't abandon your photos to the digital graveyard of your camera roll where they'll never see the light of day again. Get them printed to frame around the house or better yet, start a collection of your own photobooks. Display your memories throughout the walls of your home and/or place photobooks on an accessible shelf to browse through and feel nostalgic on the regular.

  1. Chatbooks Photobooks
Get books printed each month for only $10/month with Chatbooks! Chatbooks takes the headache out of designing photobooks with their very easy to use app.

They have a large variety of colors, hard covers & soft. Did I also mention they are toddler proof? If your little one rips pages or spills their apple juice on it, chatbooks will replace the book for you, absolutely FREE.

Download the chatbooks app on iPhone or Android for free.
  1. Coffee Books
Get a coffee book printed. I'll be doing this when we start going on vacations as family. You can also use them for special events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or anything you can think of! A library of these is an amazing and heartwarming keepsake to pass down.
  1. Printed & Frames Photos
My personal favorite are Costco poster sized prints with the Ikea Ribba frame in black and white. I take the mat border out of the frame so the photo takes up the entirety of the frame.

You can also create a gallery wall at home or get smaller frames for your desk.
  1. 6-Foot Photo Lean
Make a true statement piece with a 6 foot tall photo to lean against your wall (make sure to secure it!) using this TikTok hack by @Marianaxvalencia for less than $150:

Get the Frame here: IKEA Bjoerksta Frame
Print on Vinyl here: 2DayBanners.com
Select custom size of 55 inches wide x 79 inches high
Make sure you're uploading a high quality photo.