Tip #48: Holiday Cards

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Looking for an easy and afforable way to get some holiday cards printed? I love using Vista Print. They have a plethora of options: Folded, postcard, hortizontal, square, vertical, rounded edges, foil embeddding....you name it, they have it! What I also love are their premade templates with beautiful fonts & colors. It can actually be overwhelming how many designs there are, so I've put my personal favorite below. Just drop your photo(s) in, add shipping & billing details and hooray, you've checked another thing off your never ending to-do list.

See one you like, but not a fan of what it says? Or the color? Or the font? You can fully customize any template to give it your own personal flare. (For example, switch Merry Christmas to Happy Diwali).

Below are my personal faves, but you can browse all of their designs here.