Tip #44: How to get Smiles from Young Ones

When Dad Jokes just don't cut it...

I love a good candid photo. Those ~ real moments ~ ya know? But sometimes it's nice to have a photo with everybody smiling, either at each other or at camera in a more staged setting. A rule of thumb for trying to capture all kids at their happiest: it's best to do it after they've been fed & nowhere near naptime/bedtime.

When my kids are hungry and tired, the poor little dudes looks like they should be on the cover of a Tylenol ad and I'm not even exaggerating. It goes from 0 to a hundred realllll fast and if there's 1 thing that makes a photoshoot more stressful & unpleasant, it's a tired and hungry kid. Here are some tips below on how to have a smooth and smile-filled shoot:

  1. Ask the baby "Where's the Bahhh-bahhh-bahh-bahhhhhh?" This one worked like a charm with my twins.
  2. Holding a squeaky toy above the phone
  3. Play a sensory video behind the camera. Here's one of my go to videos!
  4. Play peek-a-boo. Once you say "boo", take the photo
  5. Blow air in their hair

  1. Shake your head. If you have hair, make it go all over the place
  2. Stick your tongue out and make noises.
  3. Start from far away, then run up and go "BOO". Then then take the photo
  4. Peek-a-boo
  5. Are you beneath a good bribe? I'm not. Bribe them with whatever they love. Ice cream. Screentime. A vacation to Disneyland.
  6. Fart noises (hehe)
  7. Bubbles
  8. Tickle them
  9. Blow air in their hair

  1. Bribe them with whatever they love. Icecream. Cheerios. Goldfish. Screentime. A trip to the moon.
  2. Tickle them
  3. Tell them jokes. Here's a link to over 100 jokes your kids will crack up over.

Overall, don't be afraid to BE SILLY! Put your ego aside and bend over backwards to get that smile, just don't pull any muscles in the process. Put a blanket over your head and pop out. Do cartwheels. Make silly faces. Release your inner child again and have some fun with it!