Tip #47: Household Items & Decor

Memories in many ways.

It doesn't stop at printed photos...

What grandparent wouldn't want a picture of their adorable rays of sunshine grandchild(ren)? Next time you're stuck for a gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day or Father's Day, get a cute or silly photo printed on a mug (for only $11.99!). Or maybe you'd like a photo mug of the kids for yourself (perfect for the office!). Here's a list of household items you can get your photos printed onto:

Customized Home Decor Options

  1. Personalized Mugs
An awesome way to bring family memories with you to the office (or home office these days!), the campsite, or just to enjoy your morning coffee with!

See more mug options here.
  1. Photo Coasters
Another great home or office item or gift to share. Try a set of funny faces from each family member or any of your faves so far through your Famtography journey.

Create a photo coaster here.
  1. Wall Calendars
Analog calendars are back in style and what better a canvas for fun family photos? A fun idea could be to select or take new photos representing each season or major holiday to showcase a full year of special moments!

Create a wall calendar here.
  1. Photo Pillows
Lay back and relax with one of your favorite moments as a family - in pillow form! These days, anything can have a print on it, and don't worry, they're still just as comfy and cozy as your other throws.

Grab a photo pillow here.
  1. Canvas Bags
Create your design featuring the fam to bring to the park, the beach, or your weekly trips to the grocery store. Versatile and great as gifts or even gift bags for special events!

Make your canvas tote bag here.
  1. Fleece Blankets
Would it be overkill to pair your custom pillows with a custom fleece blanket? Maybe... BUT WHO CARES! Keep a fleece for winter nights or chilly campsites and snuggle under a collage of fun cuddly memories.

Get yourself a custom fleece here.
  1. Custom Notebooks
From travel diaries to journals, a custom notebook can be a great vessel for a fam photo. You can even theme them. Need a place to write down all those family recipes you're perfecting? Throw a picture of the last big family dinner on the cover!

Make your own notebook here.
  1. Custom Mousepads
Another office staple and a way to keep the memories alive - even during the work day! Take a few brief moments while grinding through the 9-5 by remembering what REALLY matters with your own photo mousepad.

Make your own photo mousepad here.
  1. Wireless Chargers
Yes, photos can literally go on ANYTHING these days. In a technology-forward world these are super useful and another way to highlight the fam in a unique way. Keep your phone charged with one of these and your heart charged with your favorite pic!

Grab a custom wireless charger here.
  1. Photo Keychains
The classic keychain isn't new to the world of photo-customizations, and this is solid-steel photo frame keyring is a classic. Make a bundle and share the with the whole family!

Customize a keychain here.