Tip #50: Locket Widget App

Easily share with loved ones near and far!

Send photo updates....without being on social!

My recent obsession is using Locket app to share photos of my boys with family. Simply add the photo to your Locket and the photo will be displayed on the home screen of whomever I decide to send it to! My mom has the pocket widget on her home screen so when I upload a photo, her widget gets updated in real time. (It did take explaining to my mom to articulate the benefit of this vs just uploading to a shared album, lol.) Now that she has it, she loves it!

The main advantage of Pocket is the photo auto-updates on her home screen. She doesn't need to open an app or get dinged with a million picture texts. It's a great way to surprise and delight a loved one who likes to see what the kiddos are up to. Think of it as an Instagram story, but displayed right on your home screen of your phone. Easy to see as you're using your phone throughout the day.

When my husband goes back to work after his paternity leave is up, I will get him to get the app too so that he can easily see little updates throughout the day while he's on his phone.

Definitely try out the Locket App Widget available on both iPhone and Android!