Tip #45: Phone Background Image

Keep your loved ones close by.

Me:  Thinking of someway to drop into the conversation that I'm a mom *Finally finds the right moment.*

Them: Aww, how old is your kid?

Me: Firstly, *Does a mental fist pump*. Secondly, I respond with "14-month old TWIN boys. Here, LOOK", as I show them my lock screen on my phone and forcefully take any and all opportunities to show off my kids and dog.

Never thought I'd be "THAT mom" but after one hell of a pregnancy, sleepless nights and feeding babies around the clock later and I'm her. I have become "That Mom". And I'm okay with that. In fact, I love it! I'll go as far as saying I'm shamelessly proud to be that mom now.

Here's how to take a photo from your camera roll and turn it into your lock screen on your phone, so you can be ready to show off your pride and joy in the matter of seconds.

Watch the video below to learn: