Tip #22: Advanced Clip Filming

The building blocks of cinematic vids.

Learn how to take cinematic shots with your Phone. I condensed my $30,000, 1.5 years of film school & 10 years of experience filming videos into a 1.5 minute crash course for you.

In this crash course you’ll learn the recipe of creating a beautiful family film and what the heck the difference is between A-Roll and B-Roll. Next week we'll continue on with video editing.

Watch the crash course below:

Example Family Video Shot List

  • B-Roll: A 3 second wide shot of the scene

    The same way you apply sunscreen before laying out in the sun or as the final step in your skin-care routine, it’s important to spread some SPF on your hands, too.
  • B-Roll: A 3 second close up of the detail related to your activity 

    Yes, SPF clothing is a thing. Well, it’s actually called UPF clothing, but it serves the same purpose.
  • A-Roll: 3 slow motion shot of the activity (something that has motion like a kid on a swing, splashin in the tub, etc) 

    Regardless of whether you’re getting a gel manicure or a regular manicure, picking a salon with good reviews and sterile instruments is important. Bacteria and contaminated tools can cause skin infections, so it’s best to make sure you are heading to a reputable location.
  • A-Roll: 3 second of reaction shot on partner’s face 

    Douse a cotton ball in nail polish remover, place it on the nail and wrap your finger in aluminum foil. Let it sit for ten minutes. Once you unwrap the foil, your polish should come right off.
  • A-Roll: Place your phone on the ground leaning against something (I used my wallet) to get a shot of all the family members that are there.  

    A uv led nail lamp is very useful for manicures. It saves you time and money, but you need to consider carefully to get a truly safe product.