Tip #41: Instagram vs Reality

Or, "How to declutter just enough."

Let me ask you a question. If you were to hire a professional photographer for $300 to come your home to capture photos of your family, do you think you would clean up a little beforehand? Now, you know I'm all about embracing the realities of parenthood and a mess in the house is a part of that 99% the time (for me anyway, haha).
If you want a polished set of photos that look like a photographer came into your house to capture them, why not treat it as such? You don't need to spend hours deep cleaning, just use my 5 minute miracle cleaning trick called "shift the mess" (lol). It's time to transform one area in your house from reality to Instagram, baby!

Step 1. 
Chuck the 1521 toys from the area you want the photos in to another area in the house temporarily. 

Step 2. 
Tuck away any loose cords 

 Step 3. 
Take the 13 half filled cups/bottles that are scattered on tables and pile them up in the sink. Putting them in the dishwasher is a tonight problem, not a right now problem. 

 Step 4.
Fold that throw blanket, or better yet, throw it to another room

Step 5.
Fluff those pillows and make that bed

 Step 6. 
Put your dirty laundry into the hamper or behind a door

Step 7. 
Transfer all those little gadgets you have laying around to different room (remotes, iPad, computer, sunglasses, keys, etc)

Step 8. 
Or my personal favorite, choose the least messiest area that has lots of natural light so only a minimal amount of tidying is required.

Once your space is ready, use the interval timer inside of Life Lapse App to get some family shots in a matter of minutes, without a thousand distractions in the backround. In case you forgot how, click here for a refresher.