Tip #52: Finish Line

Done and dusted.

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve created the habit of seeing simple everyday moments and capturing them. If you still need help remembering to take pictures/video clips, I recommend setting a reminder on your phone, which I taught you on Day 1. You’ve learned A LOT about how to take portraits & videos with your phone. It will start to come to you naturally the more you practice! All those tips aside, if you see a moment that is happening quickly that you want to have documented, just capture it! Not every image/video has to have perfect lighting, angles and composition.

Along with S.N.A.P moments, holidays & milestones also deserve to be captured. So at the next birthday party or family vacation, don’t forget to take pictures & video clips! I’m not promoting to live through every moment behind your phone like I said on day 1, but taking a few minutes aside during a family vacation/holiday/milestone to take pictures of your partner with your kid(s) will be cherished for a lifetime.

If sharing to social media is your thing, be sure to tag @Famtography or use hashtag #Famtography in your photos and videos, I would absolutely love to see!

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