Getting Started with Famtography

You're on your way to making ✨beautiful memories✨

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How to Activate Your Weekly Prompts

Text "Ready" to Famtography
Phone Number: 1-833-245-2090

Your weekly prompts will start immediately and follow a weekly schedule from there. Pick a day of the week that's best for you to read through them (we suggest weekends, but it's up to you!)
Read Through Your Prompts & Tips
Each week you'll receive a bite-sized Photo Prompt that guides your photo that week and a Mobile Photography Tip that will help you make every frame picture-perfect.

They're simple enough to easily fit into a 10-minute space somewhere in your week. Low commitment for lasting memories!
Ease Your Mind with Weekly Reminders
Don't stress! We send you two weekly reminders to help keep you on track with your memory-making.

This process is less about living through your camera lens and more about building a habit. While you focus on recognizing and enjoying special everyday moments we'll help remind you (and your partner) to snap a pic!

How to Access Mobile Family Photography Tips

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Important: Be sure to use the same e-mail address you used when you placed your order.

Click the Weekly SMS Tip Links
Each week in your Tip SMS message we'll provide a link to that week's tip. Click it and log in to view it.

Tip: Save your login details for faster access!
Binge the Repository
If weekly isn't enough and you can't wait to become a PRO Mobile Family Photographer, head over to our repository where you'll have access to ALL of the tips at once.

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Enjoy Famtography!

I hope you have the most amazing time creating your time capsule and the joy it will bring to you and your family for generations to come!

It made a difference for ME, and I KNOW it can make a difference for your family as well.


Sarah Boland