Who is Famtography for?

You can buy it for yourself, your partner, or gift it to a family member or a friend. You can purchase a Gift Card to Famtography here.

Is it a one time fee?


Do I need a fancy camera?

Nope, just your phone! Although you are more than welcome to capture with a DSLR if you wish. Our tips on shooting & editing can be done on iPhone & Android.

Are the prompts for kids of a specific age?

Most of our prompts are appropriate for all ages. We do have a prompt that says to capture physical touch when you see it (i.e. a cuddle, a hand hold, a hug). For parents with older children doing this, if sitting next to each other on the couch is the closest thing to a cuddle you’ll get, capture that.

How are they candid moments if you’re sending prompts each day?

Our prompts are set up to capture moments that commonly happen everyday. For example: Capture the scene 10 minutes before bedtime. We are not asking to stage a scene of bedtime. The prompt is a friendly nudge to capture that moment when you see it.

Is it just photos or are there video prompts too?

There are video prompts too. We also teach you how to easily edit videos from your phone using our favorite apps (all apps we recommend have free versions of them).

Is it for iPhone and Android?

Both! You can use an iPhone or an Android device to capture the photos & videos. The lightroom presets can also be used on iPhone or Android. Some of the tips are relevant to iPhone only (i.e. how to edit a live photo), but most tips are universal.

Can I choose when to start my weekly prompts?

Yes! You can activate the weekly prompts whenever you like. Once you activate, prompts are sent weekly on Saturdays at 10am in your time zone. 

I’m a single parent but want to learn how to capture more, is this for me?

If you’re solo parenting, first of all, good job mama/dad!! I recommend investing in a tripod (you can grab one off amazon for around $30). You can set up the tripod to capture your day to day moments. If you want help on what to capture exactly, then you can sign up for our prompts.

Do we have to buy any additional apps?

Nope! All the apps we recommend have free versions that you can use and we provide 3 months FREE to pro features in the Life Lapse App.

What happens after the 52 Prompts?

Famtography prompts help train your partner to recognize nice candid moments and building the habit of capturing them in a picture. If they still need help after the 52 weeks, we offer tips on how to do this too!

Can I buy this as a gift for a friend or family member?

Absolutely! When you purchase the prompts, we send you a code that you use when you're ready to activate. If you're buying for somebody else, you can buy a Famtography Gift Card here, and then forward the voucher to your recipient.

How do I add this to my baby registry?

Absolutely! You can add it to your registry by adding a link to our website. 

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes! Our affiliate program will be available when we launch. Please send us an email at hello@famtography.com and we'll email when the program has launched.