Tip #11: Keeping it Real

Rules of Thumb for Making Memories

Despite Famtography being about capturing everyday moments with your phone, it's important to recognize what is the most important! This program isn't meant to keep you living through your lens, it's only an exercise in building the habits to recognize and act on moments in life worth saving. My goal is to help you create a timeline and keepsake for you and your partner, your children, and even THEIR children to enjoy. It's always too late when we realize we can't take a photo of yesterday.

So here are a few rules of thumb to honor as you go through this process:

Don't wait for perfect

Sometimes you're tired, haven't had a chance to clean up, shower, or have any breakfast. Try to think of the feeling you have inside when you go through old photos of you and your parents or loved ones (messy hair and all!) and remember that "perfect" is just about being together.  Every moment is an opportunity to capture something special.

Embrace the chaos

Further to the previous rule, remember that the reality of life with children is that not everything will go according to plan! When a day meant for the park turns into a rainy day in, or when a crisp white baby onesie gets colorful puree all over it, capture the disaster for what it is! You'll have a laugh one day looking back at these with your grown up little ones.

Don't live through the lens

When you're starting it out it's normal to feel like you need to have your phone in hand ALL THE TIME. But as you build the habit of recognizing photo-worthy moments remember to put your phone away after capturing it and take time to enjoy the moment yourself. Selecting the best shots and making edits can be a fun thing for you and your partner or children to do together later on!