Famtography Sample Tip

Okay it's happening! I see a candid moment! 

We sent you a prompt and you see the moment happening. Now what? First thing, JUST CAPTURE IT! Don't worry about how it looks right now. Moments move fast (because kids!) so capture it before you miss it.

If the moment is still happening after that first picture, let's capture a few more with these tips: get down to their level and get their faces in the photo. Your partner and kid(s) are the focal point so move closer to them. Remember your example tip 1? Take 10 photos in this setting at varying angles. 

Watch this video to see the difference it makes when you get down to their level and moving closer to make them the focal point.

Photos of your kids, with you in them, that you love. 

It's possible with Famtography. Moments are fleeting, what are you waiting for?

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